Friday, December 08, 2006

Missional Preaching

Jason Clark had a post 5 Tips for Preaching & Teaching in The Emerging Church. His 5th point was

5. Be Sacramental:
Lead people into interaction, conversation, participation, and connection to God, each other, and the world, not just your own ideas.

What caught my eye was the idea of being sacramental. The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches were formed in primarily illiterate cultures. This affect the creation of liturgy in that most of the people did not have the ability or luxury to read or study the scriptures. This, in part, led to the standardizing of the liturgies. The protestant churches in America reacted against this seeing it as a way in which the church and state sought to control the populus. It was easy to throw out the baby with the bathwater in that context because the people were more literate and certainly knew the scriptures.
I wonder if in our missional contexts that there again a need for such a liturgical/sacramental aspect of our churches. Since many of those coming to ec's have less and less of a knowledge of the bible and its content there is a greater need to provide divergent streams for people to encounter and understand the gospel. Liturgical/sacramental elements help to provide these multiple streams. For those who are more visual in their approach to the world, icons become encounters with the gospel. For those who are more kinesthetic elements of movement help them internalize the experience of worship. For the auditory the hearing of the word, singing of songs in worship, recitation of liturgy does the same.

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