Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lent: Day 1

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Lent is traditionally a time of fasting and seeking after God in preparation for the great celebration that is Easter. It is a challenging time. Which sets up this post:
Yesterday, not ten minutes after my initial post the following took place:

  • Phone rings: This John from Citibank, I'm calling because your payment is 5 days over due on your new credit card.
  • Me: What!?!? (In my mind - I thought we canceled that one because we got a better deal on the other one!) OK, I'll send the payment in today.
  • To myself: I can't believe it.. @#$#^$$ I am sure I canceled it. OK, where is the info for this card so I can pay it off an cancel it. (Can't find any paper work on it. Oh great!)
  • 30 minutes of me digging through files, looking through piles of paper on my desk until I realize that I applied for this one online and that it is setup for online statements. (More @##$@% to myself because I don't know what the account number is.)
  • 10 minutes later I find the card in my dresser drawer.
  • OK, now I have the account number, what is the password for the website.
  • 5 minutes of futility in trying to guess what the password is until I click on "Forgot Password?"
  • Jump through the security hoops so that I can log in and make a payment.
  • A bit more @#%&^## to myself.
  • Then I remember, Oh yeah this is Lent. A time where I am supposed to put aside my own desires for control and find God in everything I do.
  • Many more minutes of confessing and asking God's help and forgiveness.

How often is it that I try to do something for God or to grow in devotion to the One who loves me in spite of myself and it turns out this way!

If this is the beginning of my Lent experience I'd better strap myself's going to be a bumpy road!

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