Friday, December 19, 2008

Penn Jillette

My favorite magician / illusionists / pain in the butt recalls a recent interaction with someone who was telling him about Jesus. (HT: Bob Hyatt)


Julie said...

Don't get what is so good about a man who gives you a book about a being you don't believe exists. Would Penn feel the same way about the man had he given him a book about space aliens? I wonder if he truly is an atheist deep down inside.

Rosanna said...

It's interesting watching him talk about the guy and the whole situation. He hesitates and chooses his words very carefully, almost as if to make sure he doesn't show an ounce of care. I agree with Julie, I do wonder if he is a true atheist because even atheists believe in not believing. This is really different from his normal videos. He normally has strong emotions and speaks quickly. I think he has a lot of food for thought on this topic and the "good man" who is "sane".

justice said...

this was refreshing! thanks for posting it! I saw the Chris Angel show in vegas last week and now I wondering why i didn't give chris a BIBLE!!! crap!